EPCOR Case Study

Client brief

“Rather than calling 311 for drainage emergencies, EPCOR customers in Edmonton will now have a single point of contact phone number, effective Dec. 1, 2019.The need to update web content to reflect this important change presents an opportunity to address issues and improve the user experience of EPCOR.com’scurrent navigation and site structure, specific to its ‘contact us’ information.”

My agency was asked to perform a site audit, and design a recommended solution which my team of developers would program and implement. This solution would be delivered to the client within a span of a few months.


  • Employ design thinking methodology

  • Use empathy to try our best to understand the needs of different user groups

  • Conduct site audit of EPCOR’s contact pages and identifying primary opportunities for    improvement

  • Conduct industry research, within and external to utility company space, and review their approaches to emergency contact information

  • Provide high-level recommendations on how to proceed, informed by our research.


Handoff included a style guide, packaged code and maintenance guidelines. 

User testing

User testing was used to identify pain points on EPCOR's current solution for their contact information.

IMG_2983 2.jpg


Below are some example slides of the observations made stemming from the user testing, as well as our own site audit and analysis.



Below are some example slides of the recommendations made to the client, as well as some initial prototypes of the proposed solution.


Final solution

Below is a sample of the final solution presented to the client, a well as a custom style guide.

Artboard – 8.png