navigating unsteadiness

Centre for Creative Arts, Grande Prairie, 2018

"Navigating Unsteadiness" was my first solo show, and so it will always have a special place in my heart. I was in the middle of my after degree in Visual Communication Design, and drove home from University to attend the opening in October. You can read an excerpt of my artist statement below, as well as take a look at some of the paintings and collages that made up the exhibition. 

abridged artist statement

My work is a translation of my current poetry practice through the medium of paint and collage dealing with obstruction and illegibility. By purposefully crossing out words or whole stanzas at a time the work is able to be viewed without the explicitness of a diary, but with the same character and effectiveness.  My work functions as a declaration and a reminder of the need to be reflective of one's emotions, rather than specifying a legible and concrete message. The uncertainty of the text ensures the universality of interpretation – it is not so personal that the viewer is unable to relate to the work in front of them.